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hiti ribbon

Ribbon Hiti

Ribbon Hiti consists of two general categories:
1. Color ribbons
2. Monochrome ribbons
How to work Haiti Ribbon:
Basically, the ribs all follow the same procedure, which is heated from one side of the ribbon and transmits information from the other side (like carbon)
Ribbon Heathy
You use the corresponding printers on the pvc cards to print with this ribbons.
Color ribbon, depending on the design you can transfer the data to the card, for example, if you want to paint from the three primary colors, it produces it through the transfer of different colors.

The hybrid ribbons are different in terms of material quality and color type
In the Iranian market, these ribs are divided into several parts of Korean ribs, and are redistributed.
Types of Haiti Ribbon:
"Full color ribbons"
Monochrome Ribbon

The ribbon itself consists of several categories
Haiti color ribbons include:
Ribbon Color YMCKO
Ribbon Color YMCKOK
Ribbon Color YMCKO 1/2

One color ribbons include:
Ribbon Monochrome Black, Gold, Silver and ...
Haiti's ribbobs are different in terms of print size
YMCKO Color Ribbon: 200 Printing and 400 Printing
Printing ribbon YMCKOK 170
Printing Ribbon YMCKO 1/2: 560
Hayti Designed Laminate: 500 Printing
Simple Laminate Printing: 500 Printing
Monochrome ribbons: 1000 prints
Ribbon is a monochrome black, golden, silver, white and ... 1000

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